Decoration idea with the tadelakt

Photos of realizations in tadelakt, decorating ideas with the tadelakt: bathroom, shower, kitchen, walls, outdoor….
The tadelakt can be used in all the house, outdoor, in the garden, its brilliant aspect adds an incomparable luxury touch and a sensual delight to your home!

Tadelakt ovens in Marrakech

Photographs of the preparation of lime plaster (tadelakt) in Marrakech

Lime plaster furnaces of Marrakech used for the preparation of the tadelakt

The stones being used for cooking of lime are laid out in round manually, the furnace s’ light in lower part and the stones are cooked until obtaining the lime of Marrakech

Discover the tadelakt

Tadelakt is a waterproof lime plaster originating from Morocco and, more specifically, from the city of Marrakech.

check: Tadelakt ovens in Marrakech

This plaster is made of hydraulic lime and a fine aggregate. Its application requires very skilled workers and is very time consuming.

baignoire tadelakt

tadelakt bathroom

The polishing of the plaster with a small stone provides beautiful results when executed at the right time, simultaneously with the application of black soap.

The tadelakt can equip all the forms with decorative or architectural supports.
It applies in outside and interior, to the walls, the decorative ground and all objects.
It conjuque very easily smooth, with band or fresco and with other material
such as the marble, wood, ceramics, iron.

To maintain tadelakt shining aspect and to guarantee its sealing it is necessary to maintain the surface every 6 months with liquid black soap